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    Dancing QT

    What is it?

    Dancing QT is a combined music database and player application specially designed for dancing schools and equivalent applications. Key features are an easy-to-use interface, fast search capabilities, playlist management, exact pitching and crossfading.

    Looking around the open source landscape for a while, I tried to find a music database and player that is suitable for use in a dancing school environment - without success. Most mixing applications tend to be too confusing for the intended audience, most players lack database searching capabilites and most song databases don't know how to pitch :-(

    Because of this, I decided to setup a new application - Dancing QT. It uses alsaplayer because of its excellent interface and pitching capabilites, it uses an embedded SQLite DBMS to maintain a song database, and it uses taglib to populate the database. The interface is written in C++ using Qt. Because of the alsaplayer dependency, the target platforms will be limited to environments providing alsaplayer.


    This program is beta software right now - which means that it shouldn't do any damage but still might contain bugs and cause problems. Please report any issues you encounter to the author, preferably by mail to mail@volker-wegert.de. Also, stay tuned for updates. Even better - if you'd like to tackle some of the problems or issues on the TODO list yourself, don't hesitate to contact me.